Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Grants and My friend the Chocolate Cake

I'm miles behind on my blogging, but in the meantime we've written an ARC Discovery Grant and three National Health and Medical Research Grants. The  last of those were submitted to Canberra today. As I was walking home from University today I was listening to some old 1990s music on my headphones, and happened to be listening to "I've got a plan" by My Friend the Chocolate Cake.

The lyrics "I've got another plan, this time it will work" seemed appropriate given the grant writing we've been doing to try to attract funding for our on-going research to investigate mechanisms of virulence in the pathogen Acinetobacter baumannii, to understand how bacteria control drug efflux pumps that make their resistant to antibiotics, and to see if we can use "friendly" plant root bacteria to protect against agricultural crops against plant pathogens. Now we just have to wait eight months or so to see if any of these projects get funded.

This totally looks like the chocolate mud cakes from cafes in Glebe that I used to live on when I was a PhD student