Thursday 20 August 2015

So You Think You can Synthesise Season 2

Last year you may recall the gold medal-winning Macquarie University iGEM team ran an online synthetic biology-themed reality series called So You Think You can Synthesise. This years Macquarie University iGEM team is busy beavering away on their synthetic biology project Solar Synthesisers. As part of the "human practises" (I would translate this iGEM-ism as "Outreach") segment of their project, they are creating So You Think You can Synthesise Season 2.

I'm blogging about this not just to give them a gratuitous advertisement, but also because I was involved in filming the final episode yesterday. While only episodes 1 and 2 are currently up on Youtube at the moment, the final episode has now been filmed, and I know who won, bwahahahaha. However, my lips are sealed. One spoiler I can reveal is that the final episode has a Japanese Iron Chef theme. The reason I know is that I was brought in to play the role of Chairman Kaga, the host of the Iron Chef TV show.

I should mention that I was a big fan of the Japanese Iron Chef, and one of the culinary highlights of my life was attending a dinner function where Hiroki Sakai (Iron Chef French) and Chen Kenichi (Iron Chef Chinese) each cooked a course.

Placeholder Iron Chef photo until I locate the photo of me with Hiroki Sakai and Chen Kenichi


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