Sunday, 11 March 2012

Karl puts his life on the line for our grant!

It seems like it has been raining in Sydney straight for the last four months. In Wagga Wagga in rural NSW even the spiders are having to move to high ground to avoid the floods. You may have seen crazy pictures of their spider webs elsewhere on the web:

We haven't really had serious floods in Sydney itself, but Karl (a senior postdoc in my lab) had to wade through the waters below in order to make it to Macquarie University to work on our NHMRC grant.

Karl made it safely to work, but the same cannot be said for his thongs (if you aren't Australian, this means flip-flops, I know the US definition of a thong would make this post very different) which were washed away.
Hopefully the NHMRC appreciates Karl's heroic actions and funds the grant. Anyway, our grants are due at the Research Office on Monday, so I hope soon we can think of something other than grant writing.


  1. Lollll. That's exactly what I thought when Karl told us about his thongs, ie, imagine how much more flavour would be in the sentence "Karl lost his thongs in floods" for an American :-). Well, the idea has found its way :-)

    Good luck with the grant! If this doesn't persuade the NHMRC to fund the grant I don't know what else would (of course, in addition to the excellent science which is already in the grant!)