Friday, 13 April 2012

Sci-fi science on screen

Quite a few years back, while flicking through TV channels, I ended up watching my first (and last) 10 minutes of CSI. My slightly nerdy attention got caught when I saw them in full forensic mode, looking at a sample under a microscope. What was amazing about this microscope was that the characters were able to use it to decipher the entire amino acid sequence of the protein, in real time, contained in their sample. If I had continued watching I would have seen the inevitable arrest of the evil criminal on the basis of his/her protein sequence.

After seeing this amazing bit of kit on CSI I have tried to convince several bosses over the years to buy me one of these molecular microscopes, but they've always laughed at me, though I have not asked Ian yet... 
Working on a particularly puzzling protein sequence...


  1. Hey Sophie,
    When you ask for that microscope, can you also ask for the device that, after you inject the sample, gives the full composition of whatever is there, with exact concentrations and chemical structures...? Takes couple of minutes though, but that's ok. I wouldn't mind having it, yeah, why not, might be handy...
    I think the company called NerdyDreams may sell these both, we might even get a package deal...!

  2. If you had to pick one thing off tv to make reality what would it be?

    My choice would be the floo network from Harry Potter. That looks like a great way to travel - an no fuel surcharge!

  3. To me the choice is clear. I would ask for a magic wand that does everything, and then I could ask the wand for everything else, including the microscope, my device and your Harry Potter network! Sounds like a plan...?