Friday, 29 November 2013

Eitan Bibi Seminar

I'm massively behind on stuff I want to blog about, but hopefully I can catch up in the next few days. Today though, we are hosting a visit from Professor Eitan Bibi from the Weizmann Institute in Israel. Eitan is giving a seminar on his research on multidrug efflux pumps entitled "Tricky relationships between the multidrug transporter MdfA and divalent cationic drugs" in F7B322 at 12.00 pm.

I've long had an interest in multidrug efflux pumps- proteins that sit in the membrane and make bacteria resistant to a broad range of drugs by pumping the compounds out of the cell. A major focus of multidrug efflux research has been trying to understand how a single protein can recognise a variety of structurally distinct compounds, and I'm sure Eitan will have interesting insights in this area.

Theoretical model of the MdfA protein taken from the Weizmann Institute web site

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