Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Indigo V video

Our ARC and NHMRC grants have now been submitted, with the last one being submitted today. So now I can hopefully squeeze in some time between teaching and research to catch up on my blogging.
Some of you may recall that Martin from my group participated in the Indigo V expedition organized by Federico Lauro, where an 18 metre yacht sailed across the Indian Ocean to collect seawater samples for microbiological investigation. Some previous blog posts about the expedition-
All Aboard
Voyage Preparations- Cape Town
Sailing Log- part 1
Sailing Log- part 2
Lost at Sea- Sailing Log- part 3
The Indigo V expedition- a prototype for citizen oceanography

The Indigo team made a video of their endeavours (see below). And the video has been selected as a finalist in the American Society for Microbiology Global Video Challenge. Yay! In addition prizes for 1st/2nd/3rd, there is also a People's Choice Award, so I encourage you to vote for the Indigo V video at this link.
Good luck Federico and colleagues!

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