Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Laureate Fellowship

I received the exciting news last week that I have been awarded a Laureate Research Fellowship from the Australian Research Council. I flew to Adelaide on Friday for the Awards Ceremony, which was held at St Peter's College in Adelaide. This was an impressive venue, looking like it had been teleported through time from the 19th century.  I also learnt that St Peter's has more Nobel Prize winning graduates (3) than any secondary school outside of New York.

I'm now the proud owner of an ARC Laureate Fellow lapel pin, I'm not quite sure when I'm ever going to have cause to actually wear it. My Laureate Fellowship was awarded for my proposal "Building Virtual Cyanobacteria: Moving Beyond the Genomics Era". You can find a description of the project on my my ARC Laureate Fellowship bio page. There's also some further information in the Macquarie Uni press release. Time to go crack open some bottles of champagne!

The cats were very excited and congratulated me on the good news
Receiving congratulations from Christopher Pyne, the Minister for Education (and yes photographic evidence that I actually own a suit)

The successful 2014 ARC Laureate Fellows (we all look very very happy)

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