Thursday, 12 February 2015

Creating a new society

I was in Melbourne last week meeting with synthetic biologists from all around Australia. We have  decided to form a new society or association representing synthetic biologists. Claudia Vickers from the University of Queensland is the driving force behind this new body and our meeting decided this she should be our chairperson or president (still working on the terminology). I was volunteered into being deputy president? vice chairperson? something like that anyway. As well as needing to finalize titles, we're still working on the name of our new learned society, because its important to have a good acronym. The Australian Society for Synthetic Biology (ASSB) clearly is not a good option.

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That reminds me, while we don't yet have a website up for our new synthetic biology organization, we do now have a live website for Synthetic Biology at Macquarie.

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