Thursday, 17 March 2016

JAMS Turns Five

Yesterday was the JAMS (Joint Academic Microbiology Seminars) Annual Symposium and Dinner at the Australian Museum. This represents the fifth birthday of JAMS, not bad for an idea that originated in a pub discussion with Federico Lauro, Mike Manefield, Andy Holmes and myself. JAMS also had a record turnout with 122 attendees.
Once again there was an excellent array of speakers in the afternoon session. Gene Tyson from the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics gave a fantastic talk on novel methanogens (methane-producing bacteria) in diverse environments including melting permafrost in Scandinavia and Australian coal deposits. John Zehr from the University of California at Santa Cruz gave a fascinating presentation on identifying novel nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria in the ocean that live in symbiosis with eukaryotic plankton. I very much enjoyed Mark Schembri's talk analyzing the reasons for the global success of the urinary tract pathogen E. coli ST131.

I was unable to attend the dinner this year as I had carer duties at home, but congratulations are due to Hasinika Ariyatne in my group who won the prize for Best Poster.

Not those sort of JAMS


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  2. Good to hear that and hope both of you will work together and have something collaborative. Thank you for sharing it and keep posting

  3. Congrats to Joint Academic Microbiology Seminar on its fifth year of success. I hope the event was a success and worth to attend. Thanks for updates.