Thursday, 26 July 2012

G2G Outlook day 2

Liveblogging of the Genes to Geoscience Outlook retreat, day 2. We had two discussion sessions yesterday, the first of these, everyone brought along a recent "hot" paper, and these were discussed. The paper I suggested for discussion was this Cell paper which describes the first "complete" computational model of a living organism- the bacterium Mycoplasma genitalium.

In our second discussion group yesterday, I chaired a discussion of whether gene richness would follow similiar patterns as species richness, with increasing diversity in tropical vs temperate locations, and how would we design experiments to test this hypothesis.

11.00 am- We've had a series of paleobiology talks this morning, I particularly enjoyed the talk by Charles Marshall from UC Berkeley, which looked at what big events have shaped the modern biota of Australia (and other places) and was a really nice synthesis of geology, paleontology, molecular phylogeny, and genomics.

12.00- Very nice talk from Jenny Graves from Latrobe University giving a tour of her work on genomes, chromosome mapping, and sex determination genes from everything from mammals, marsupials, monotremes, birds, lizards. Cool stuff!

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