Saturday, 4 August 2012

What could be more exciting than Canberra in August

I'm driving down to Canberra tomorrow, where I'll be all next week. I'll be serving on one of the NHMRC grant panels, and my panel will assess 100 grants to see if they should be funded. I just need to pack my winter gear so I don't freeze to death. Travelling to Canberra always makes me think of Bill Bryson's comments about Canberra in his book “In a Sunburned Country”. Classic lines like “The difference between breaking your arm and living in Canberra is that when you break your arm you know it is going to get better”.

Speaking of Bill Bryson I heard him speak at the Press Club in Washington DC probably about 10 years ago. He had highly entertaining stories about  his experiences on the Appalachian Trail. I also came away with a signed copy of "A Short History of Nearly Everything".

Anyway, probably won't be much blogging in Canberra, given the confidentiality of the meeting and likely heavy workload.

lovely Canberra

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