Friday, 30 November 2012

BMFRC Retreat

Today, most of my group is at the lovely Epping Club for the Biomolecular Frontiers Research Centre (BMFRC) annual retreat. Unlike Napoleon (see image below), summer is the season for retreats here in Australia, we have another retreat for a different centre coming up in a week or two. Our BMFRC retreat is an all day event where each of the research groups involved in the centre have 10 minutes to present their research highlights for the year. In addition, we have guest speakers from academia and industry, and a presentation from our silver medal winning iGEM students. Finally, we wind up with a discussion session on the future directions of our research centre. Should be a fun day.

Image of another famous retreat

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  1. Oh wow, i used to have a tough time with biology itself and just reading biomolecular gives me the chills lol. Sounds really complex but interesting at the same time. Anyway, Hope it was fun.