Thursday, 22 November 2012

Too dangerous for me to play

As a recovering MMO (massive multiplayer online) gaming addict, I've been tempted by a number of recent(ish) offerings such as Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, Stars Wars Knights of the Old Republic, etc, which I have so far resisted. I was intrigued on the weekend by a new MMO game developed by Google called Ingress, in which one wanders around the real world with your android phone, checking out whether real world objects have secret mysterious energy fields.

I already have too many problems walking into things in the real world while reading stuff on my iPad, so probably this game won't be for me. Once Google combines it with glasses that overlay a virtual reality on the real world, well then it will be much more difficult to resist. Read Vernor Vinge's "Rainbow's End" for a vision of that sort of future.

Hopefully I won't be sued by Google for using this advertising image

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