Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I don't know what it means, but it is pretty

From the latest toy on LinkedIn, here's a network connection map of my LinkedIn connections. I should start off by saying I don't very actively look for people to connect to on LinkedIn, mostly I just respond to people's requests. In terms of analyzing my professional network connections, as far as I can tell orange= friends; green= Macquarie University colleagues; blue= TIGR/JCVI colleagues; purple= other academic colleagues, mostly bioinformaticians. The remaining colours are other academic colleagues or friends who live overseas.
So what conclusions can one draw from this? Um, aaah, errrr. I guess I am connected to distinct clusters of people, with no real connections between the clusters. Maybe a sign that I have lived in several different places in my life.
Still it's a fun toy to play with for 5 minutes and does make pretty diagrams.

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