Thursday, 28 February 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday JAMS

The second ever JAMS (Joint Academic Microbial Seminars) Annual Dinner was held yesterday at the Australiam Museum in Sydney. JAMS is normally a monthly seminar series at the museum, but once a year we have an annual dinner and invite 4-5 international/interstate guest speakers. We had extremely entertaining talks from all five speakers. The highlights for me were the talks from Phil Hugenholtz (UQ) who gave us a rapid but exciting trip through what we've learnt from the genomes of unculturable bacteria and Victoria Orphan from CalTech who looked at the function of bacterial communities from deep sea methane vents.

After the talks were dinner and drinks in the Dinosaur Room. The food was pretty good, one of the curiosities of my dinner was the unidentifiable vegetable on my plate that turned out to be a purple carrot. Who knew carrots could be purple? Apparently they are chockful of anthocyanins. I should probably eat alot more purple carrots!

Who knew carrots came in this colour
Many thanks again to JAMS organizer Federico Lauro for a great meeting!

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