Friday, 1 March 2013

Microbial Lifestyles turns One!

It was exactly one year ago that I started this Microbial Lifestyles blog. With help from Martin Ostrowski and Sophie Mazard in my group, this last year has seen 63 blog posts. It's been fun, but also a struggle at times finding the time to write. It's been interesting which posts have generated alot of traffic and which remain unseen by everyone except my relatives and cats.

I do feel I've left alot undone that I had planned to do. For example, while I posted on how Science is portrayed in Games, this was supposed to be first post in a series on how science is portrayed in movies, tv, novels, etc. I seem to still be waiting on inspiration for those topics. Another example- I posted on my Reflections on five years at Macquarie University #1; we're still waiting on posts #2 and #3 in that series, and if I don't hurry up they will be "Reflections on six years".

Hopefully, we can see progress on these in year 2 of Microbial Lifestyles.

Happy Birthday!

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