Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sailing log part 2

That has been a hard first week on the boat!
We started out of Port Elizabeth with some decent weather, calm seas and sunshine. There are plenty of cargo ships heading in and out in roughly the same direction as us so we need to keep a constant eye on the radar. Our automated information system tracks when one is near, gives us info about name, size and what it is carrying and warns us if we are going to collide, that's always handy!
We started sampling as soon as we hit the international waters and all went smoothly for a while. That is until the weather front which was supposed to pass quickly over us changed its mind...

We got hit by some very nasty weather and had to heave to for more than 30h. That means stop everything, keep your head low and wait for it to pass, while still keeping an eye for those big ships!
The boat was completely shut with occasional big waves breaking across the deck.

Luckily the weather has now become more clement and the stomachs have settled. It is amazing how the boat has transformed from survival, to science mode. We have taken some great samples and continuing to do so. The run to Mauritius should be straight forward now and the forecast is set to absolutely gorgeous with favourable winds! What more could a bunch of green sailors need!!


Maybe a bit dramatic, but that's how it felt!

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