Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Not sailing through the Indian Ocean

Well it's not as romantic as sailing through the Indian Ocean on a yacht, but I am also overseas this week. I flew into California yesterday, and I am currently at SRI International in Silicon Valley to attend the annual Steering Committee meeting for the EcoCyc and PortEco projects. I have been a collaborator on the EcoCyc project since 1996, and later this year we will have to write our NIH grant renewal, so hopefully we can get good feedback from our Steering Committee.

There was some excitement last week when I dug through a cupboard and dusted off my passport, and suddenly realised that my passport had expired in February. After much swearing and panic, the Australian passport office proved to be unbelievably helpful and efficient, and turned round a new passport in less than 24 hours.

Helps to have one of these


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  2. DH left his passport in the leg pocket of his trousers. Someone may have washed said trousers and passport two days before we were flying back to Oz. Ahem. The States let us out with the washed passport but said Oz might not let him back in.
    We carried his birth certificate for just in case scenarios... The story had a happy ending, and I am sure that quite a number of passports are sad and unhappy versions of their former pristine selves by the time they get back to Oz.
    At least his passport was updated so it won't run out for a goodly while yet.