Thursday, 11 September 2014

Eureka Awards

Last night, I was at the Eureka Awards Dinner. The Eureka Awards have been described as the Australian Science equivalent of the Oscars. While not quite as glamorous as the Oscars, it was nevertheless a black tie event at the Sydney Town Hall, and we did have some media celebrities present, such as Adam Spencer and Dr Karl Kruszelnicki. It was also the second top hottest topic on Twitter yesterday in Australia.

I was not nominated for an Award, but was there to fly the flag for Macquarie University. I was very excited that MQ's Professor Lesley Hughes won the Eureka Prize in the category of Promoting Understanding of Australian Science Research for her tireless efforts in communicating the science of climate change. Congratulations to Lesley and to all of the award winners of the 2014 Eureka Prizes. The full list of the 2014 Eureka Prize results can be found here.

The dessert was certainly glamorous

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