Friday, 17 May 2013

Voyage Preparations – Cape Town

Cape Town is a pretty amazing place to start a research voyage. The food is fantastic so I have been filling up my quota of vitamins and minerals, from amazing full breakfasts with Boerewors sausages and fluffy scrambled eggs to thin crust pizza and sourdough smoked salmon sandwiches.

Apart from pre-fuelling the body, we have been hard at work to prepare the yacht, from the sails, engines, supplies and sheets to the batteries and electrical systems that will support our science equipment while we are under sail power.

We have one more day of intense preparations but we are now happy with the safety systems and backups. Just have to do the laundry, fill the fuel tanks and clear customs before sailing tomorrow.


The Marina in Cape Town
A lazy seal soaking up the sun


  1. how does one clear customs in a yacht? I have this imaginary vision of a customs inspector sitting in a dinghy in the harbour.

  2. I was imagining the inspector in a little floating toll booth myself, with all the boat in a file. Sail through customs!