Friday, 31 May 2013

Sailing log part 1

Day 1

We finally made it out of Port Elizabeth on the evening of the 29th May following delays of all sorts. We are now well underway on our route to Mauritius. We will start taking water samples when we are out of the 200 nautical miles range. On our first day the weather was gorgeous, 15 kts of wind and we caught our first yellowfin tuna (5 kg) on the line that we trawl ‘just in case’. The tuna then magically transformed into sushi that we all very much enjoyed. You can't get any fresher than this. Life is great!!!

The Indigo V in Port Elizabeth

It has been a very hot first full day of sailing. The winds died and we have been getting knocked by the Agulhas current. We should be into fairer currents and winds tomorrow. Everyone was getting their sea-legs, especially down below where everything is moving around.

Day 2

We made very good progress last night and we are now sailing at 10 knots of speed in the right direction (always useful!). The seas are quite big and we have nothing else to report other than the usual little dramas on board (spilled coffees, leaking hatches, somebody seasick). Actually all of us have been feeling sick but from late this afternoon, things calmed down. Sea sickness tablets are good! We are now definitely getting better and fully functional.

We were travelling pretty fast but the waves were coming from all sides, and over the deck. I had a watch at 4am but most of the foul weather had subsided to rough weather by then. I enjoyed clear skies and a very bright milky way with the southern cross in the middle.

No fish today. Still fixing many small problems, but we are travelling faster than the motor with the sails.


Seal snoozing in comfort
Lazy seal

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