Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Growing up with Doctor Who

I've always been a big sci-fi fan, and my interest in sci-fi probably significantly influenced my choice to pursue a career in science. It's clearly genetic, as my older brother Steve in his spare time is a published sci-fi/fantasy/horror author.
As a kid I grew up watching classic BBC sci-fi programs like Doctor Who and Blakes 7. Though there was the giant spider incident that Steve still hasn't forgiven me for. I was about four years old, and Steve was a teenager. It was Sunday afternoon and time for Doctor Who on the TV, which happened to be Doctor Who and the Planet of the Spiders, with Jon Pertwee as the Doctor. The giant spiders were very terrifying for a four year, and in order to stop my screaming, my mother made Steve turn the TV off to his great displeasure. Although he loves to tell that story these days.

 My reason for bringing up the topic of Doctor Who is that I recently came across Adventures with the Wife in Space, where a guy blogs about watching every classic Doctor Who episode that exists with his wife, and records his wife's opinions of each episode. For a Doctor Who nerd like myself, it is an enjoyable and nostalgic read, though I am surprised that his wife didn't kill him during the process. Now when I want to procrastinate about grant writing, I can just browse an episode or two of Doctor Who on this blog. As an added bonus, they have now started blogging about watching all of Blakes 7 (I'm a huge Avon fan), now they have finished Doctor Who.

To a 4 year old a cardboard cutout spider was very scary

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